Welcome Year of Golden Tiger

We planned eve dinner at my place, and next morning back to hometown to visit uncles & aunts of my father and mother in Johor. The jam was as usual for the festive season. We finally reached our childhood destination. We checked into Rest House and is rather run down and most of the furnitures are old. We did not have dinner at my aunt’s place as she was too ill to prepare food and no one has taken over her culinary skills. Her eldest daughter has migrated to Australia with her family but she use to comes back to see her mum whenever she gets leave. Her second daughter stays with her and helps out whenever she can as she is still working. Her 3rd daughter who has a heart of gold usually comes back to see her whenever she finds time as her family is up in the city. Whilst her youngest daughter is married in the same vicinity and helps out with the groceries/marketing and drives her mum for her medication or physioterapy. Love has no bounderies or conditions. My aunt is a very strong willed and warm person. She is proud of her roots as she comes from China since her teens and married to my uncle. Those days she has no choice of choosing her husband and it was matchmake. My uncle and aunt has lived and loved though thick and thin and we are proud to have them as our family members. I loved her stories during the Japanese occupation in China and in Malaya.

The above was delayed and I have not posted any blogs for quite some time.


The year of Water Dragon

This time the Chinese New Year celebrations will be in Penang. Everyone of the family members have been informed but the turnout was not that as expected. Those who cannot make it will have to wait for another year, or we could arrange another gathering and I hope soon.

As usual, I loved to cook for the great feast for the eve day.


LengLeng PoPo

Having a new addition in the family is really wonderful to everyone in the family.  Is a gift from God – shall I say that and he is such a smiling,cheerful baby boy now almost into 13th months old.  I look forward to see him each time he comes or when I go visit him.  When I first held in my arms, my heart was full of joy,contentment,love, trust, motivated by his smile and each gesture he does fascinates me.  He reminds me of his dad who opened his eyes to greet me  when I delivered him (overdue 10 days with such love we have till now and I believed will stay in my heart – one of my loves and now his son and my grandson.  What a great gift from both of my son and his loving wife.

The chapters of Chu-chai & Meamea’s matrimony

When Chu-chai told Mumzie that Chu-chai wants to settle down,  Mumzie  asked  if  Chu-chai  is serious or not.  Chu-chai says  Meamea is the right one and with God’s grace, they both are ready for the road to matrimony.  The next question was  if he has roof over his head.    Chu-chai  says no but they intend to buy one soon.   Dear Chu-chai & Meamea –  Mumzie will gave her blessing and support in all ways to make their dreams into reality.  

What is the right age to settle down?  All depends on your mentality, maturity, upbringing, peers, career stability and of course most important your financial status.   You dont have be rich to get married.  But love is something that cannot stop ourself from reaching out to be with the person who you loved, care, and could’nt live without.   (Yes, someone told me  – Marry the person you could not live without).     Mumzie did not understand that phrase when  was younger but finally Mumzie too found her love too.

All goes well as planned for the whole year of 2008 and finally that grand day – Chu chai became the husband of the woman he loves.  The beginning of chapters in Chu chai’s new family.

Back to M’sia and back to Queenstown

Mumzie will never forget the surprise that Monyet had gave her.  Still fresh in memories are the laughter, tears, shock, disbelief, anger, happiness all happens because of Monyet.  Tikus was getting her room ready……very tikus of her really and neat too.

welcome-home surprise-gift











Before leaving for the airport, we had brunch at Pan Mee Shop in Puchong.  Very specialised in different tpes of nooddles.












Then she is off to LCCT on 31st December 2008.

My travel to Guilin

Time past by without waiting for us. I always tried to put down some words but at the end I stop……Good things happens, be it happy or sad, but Mumzie is always high in spirits.

Guilin was booked mid-July with offers from AirAsia. Not wanting to go alone, 4 seats will booked for Ngiap, Tikus and Monyet who will join when she comes back from NZ in Oct’08.

Guilin was really beautiful as described by all who had visited in the past and proved once again to that it was worth making the trip. If you don’t go there, you have no right to describe that place.

When we reached Guilin, our itinerary was first to go for lunch. We had steamed freash water fish (their famous local – very expensive and lots of bones), their taro steamed with pork slices, some other local restaurant dishes.


After such a nice meal, we are on a city tour then to Elephant Hill and Red Fleet Cave.elephant-hill


After a full day and we are all so tired, we checked in for a good nite rest.

On the 2nd day, we board on the cruise to Li River where we will see lots of mountainous scenes and also get to enjoy lunch on the cruiser. actual-size-of-inside-cruiser









If you get to Yangshou, and walk on the streets, you will think that you are Phuket? Bali? A street full of westerners. Even their cafes and pubs are occupied by them. I checked with my local tour guide and it seems they are never lack of visitors from their own country and neighbouring Japanese, koreans,Hongkies and taiwanese.




The hotel we stay in Yangshou is Hotel Paradesa, a really clean, quiet and good environmental to stay in.





We strolled around Yangshou streets, trying out their local fruits and food. 40_fruits1




We enjoyed their local noodles which the cook show his skills on the spot (see picture) which was cooked with their beancurd mashed sauce. By the way, their beancurd sauce is very famous and very tasty.





In the evening, we will at Liu Sanjie where the famous Zhang Yi Mou directed the whole talented show. The attendance was packed with people.



They speaked good american english and show their tour skills like a tape recorder but if you cut in between ; well they dont understand what you actually ask- dont blame them cos’ they dont know the answer. You will have to ask a few times to get your answer or not at all.

Supper time…..supper-wan-tan-mee


(When I arrived back home, I tried to cook it – but I still cannot get that type of taste. )

We also visited Longji in Longsheng. We stop over to have lunch at Mao village.

On arrival at the mao village, we were served with rice tea. – funny taste but still ok.

The Mao village shows were fascinating esp with the long hair ladies combing and making into a headbum. Various status of the women had their hair tie differently. The married ones, childless ones and unmarried ones whether young or old. Unfortunately, we will unable to see the beautiful terraced rice fields due to misty weather and it also rainned. The restaurant where we had their local food (see pictures) will delicious. I tasted their rice wine – good and strong. I liked it.white-rice-winewelcome-song57_notice_boardmao-village61_dancing_girls59_hairlong-hair-combing61_rice_tea66_tunda




As food in the city, you can have everything you want to eat. KFC & Mcdonald as well as a long nite market with stalls selling various items from food to display items.






Their taro steamed with pork slices are best I ever tasted. Taro is really soft and their meat is marinated well.



Anyway, I told myself that I will return to this beautiful landscapes soon but now other destinations comes first.

Weekend dinners

Dailies-beef+veggies close up

I have been cracking ideas what to cook for dinner over the weekend and I thought Beef would be nice. Beef with brocoli and lettuce as extra greens since no carbohydrate is involved. First, you marinate the beef pieces with pepper, soya sauce, mixed herbs and left it for 20mins or so. Cut up your brocoli (or yr prefer vege) but brocoli always goes well with beef. Pre-boiled till cooked and set aside on the plate then the lettuce. Pan-fried the beef pieces and then prepare brown sauce and add into the beef and stir in for a short while – don’t overcook your beef. Just make sure your beef is still juicy with some rawness.

Dailies- chicken cubes + veggies close up

Then next day, I have to make do with what I have in the fridge i.e. chicken breast – lean meat. First, cut them into cubes – marinate with pepper and salt. Next add wheat flour and some corn flour with enough water – not too much and mix together with the chicken cubes. Stir well. Next prepare your oil for deep-frying – till golden brown and leave it on the napkin to get rid of excess oil. Then – you can prepare your sweet sour sauce with pineapple cubes, tomatoes cuts and then add some tomato sauce and a little sugar and tapioca flour to thicken sauce. Simple right. If you want the cripsy chicken cubes to stay that way – don’t add the sauce in as it will soften it. Pour over it when you are ready to eat. As always, no carbohydrate – so I prepare pre-boiled french beans. Easy…….